A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins With each journal entry, veteran host Jack Perkins brings the artful, innovative, sometimes odd and always interesting people and places of Florida’s west central coast to life on the Emmy award-winning series, A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins. Whether an underwater exploration searching for gold doubloons; a centenarian taking to the high wire, or a story of hope and courage, each episode will take you on a vivid journey into Florida’s “Cultural Coast” – a community surrounded by sandy beaches, swaying palms, warm breezes and a plethora of people, places and personalities found nowhere else on earth.

About the host: Jack Perkins’ career as an award-winning journalist spans over 40 years, with 25 years as correspondent, commentator and anchorman at NBC News. He also served as host and narrator for many of A&E’s most acclaimed programs, including the flagship series, Biography. A resident of Casey Key, Florida, Perkins currently hosts WEDU’s A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins, now in its seventh season and funded exclusively by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice.

July 2010

String Theory The angelic sounds of the harp conjure heavenly images. And no one can command this triangular instrument like Ann Hobson Pilot. Ann played with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops for 40 years.
A Lady of Legacy 100 years ago, Bertha Palmer arrived and became Sarasota's first snowbird. She bought 140,000 acres, including one-third of what is now, Sarasota County.
A Cut of History Meet a Venice man with a passion for early American tools and the things they help build three century’s ago. Phil Baker’s antique saw collection is 500 strong and it is still growing.
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Coming Up...August 2010

Cryin' Shames - Meet a band of professionals who play music for fun to help others. The Cryin' Shames know they should keep their day jobs, but each time they play it helps alot of people.
Mote Oil Sampling - As oil gushes into the Gulf at mind-boggling amounts, invertebrate ecologist, Jim Cutler and his colleagues at Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota investigate the potential damage.
Tipping the scales - The folks on the Gulf Coast are abll about hospitality, but not in the case of these visitors. Some scaly invaders are wearing out their welcome, taking homeowners by surprise and killing or forcing out native species.
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